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2013 Internet Security Threat Report Now Available! Mobile Malware News....

Created: 17 Apr 2013
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Link to download the full report…..

Register for the one-hour webcast (Wednesday, April 24 10:00 am - 11:00 am, PDT):

Gangs, Watering Holes, and Other Threats: Highlights from Symantec’s Annual Threat Report

Kevin Haley, one of Symantec’s security experts, is joined by several customers for a discussion on the findings of the 2013 ISTR.

Some information on Mobile (Android especially) malware from the ISTR:

Mobile Threats
In the last year, we have seen a further increase in mobile malware. This correlates with increasing numbers of Internetconnected mobile devices. Android has a 72 percent market share with Apple® iOS a distant second with 14 percent, according to Gartner.18 As a result of its market share and more
open development environment, Android is the main target for mobile threats.

Typically, people use phones to store personal information and contact information and increasingly they have high-speed Internet connections. The smartphone has become a powerful computer in its own right, and this makes these attractive devices to criminals. They also have the added advantage of
being tied to a payment system—the owner’s phone contract— which means that they offer additional ways for criminals to siphon off money from the victim.

We’ve seen a big rise in all kinds of mobile phone attacks:

  • Android threats were more commonly found in Eastern Europe and Asia; however, during the last year, the number of Android threats in the rest of Europe and the United States has increased.
  • Privacy leaks that disclose personal information, including the release of surveillance software designed to covertly transmit the owner’s location.
  • Premium number fraud where malicious apps send expensive text messages. This is the quickest way to make money from mobile malware. One mobile botnet Symantec observed used fake mobile apps to infect users and by our calculation the botmaster is generating anywhere between $1,600 to $9,000 per day and $547,500 to $3,285,000 per year.
  • Mobile botnets. Just as spammers have linked networks of PCs into botnets to send out unwanted email, now criminals have begun using Android botnets the same way. This suggests that attackers are adapting techniques used on PCs to work on smartphones.


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