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2014 on Server 2012 overwrite error

Created: 26 Jun 2014 | 10 comments

I'm using the latest version of Windows Server 2012. I've installed BExec 2014.

I've set up a backup to LTO tape to back up my file server. I have created a Full backup of the directories I need backed up. I noticed that it automatically creates an Incremental backup along with the full.

What I would like to do is to have the full backup run and then have incremental backup append to the tape that is already in the drive with the full backup.

I run the full backup and it works fine (I've set it to not eject the tape) then the incremental backup runs but kicks out the tape and tells me the tape is write protected.

I've set the overwrite to 4 weeks since we use a 4 week schedule of backups but i've also set the media to append and only overwrite if no appendable media is found.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks much...

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Check the property of the media set that the tape belongs to, the append period has to be long enough for the intervene tsk job to spend too the tape when it runs

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Also make sure the full and incremental backups are using the same media set

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So I went in and edited the media set properties to no overwrite protection but with a prompt before overwriting allocated media.

This doesn't seem like the best way to go but it seems to work.\

What I was hoping for was to get 4 tapes to cover one weekly full backup as well as the incremental backups during the week.

I'd like to ensure that each of the tapes would not be overwritten for a period of 4 weeks. This seems to be the only way to accomplish that.

Would anyone have an idea as to if/how to accomplish this?

Thanks again,

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Umm no overwrite protection is likely to destroy the previous backup set - you need to understand what is going on and set both overwrite protection and job start options correctly as you are currently open for a potential data loss scenario that is caused by setting choices

If you truely cannot understand what you need to set then please log a support case - do not use no overwrite protection

At a basic level based on what you have said you  need:

1 media set with 3 week overwrite protection and 6 day append period

The full part of job is set to start as overwrite and use that media set with a weekly schedule

The incremental part of the job should be set to append at start and have a daily (or specific days of week) schedule and MUST use the same media set

If you want to do an eject at end of week you may need a special incremental stage that repeats weekly that does the eject that also starts as an append and uses the same media set.

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Thanks for your help...

Hmmm, I'll play around with it some more...

Ideally, I want to have 4 tapes that are rotated over 4 weeks (1 full per week with incrementals appended to the same tape). 

I'm sure it's because I'm unfamiliar with the new 2014 software interface...I've been using BE 10 for years and this is quite

I'm still in Trial mode and I have a phone contact with someone in sales...they can probably get me in touch with support and help sort it out for me.


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OPP and AP are still the same whether you are using BE 10 or BE 2014

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You could refer to the document below. Although it appears lengthy, it actually provides a really good explanation of the overwrite and append periods and media for Backup Exec.

Laurie Downey

Backup Exec

Advanced Tech Support

Symantec Corporation

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Thanks Laurie,

That helps.

According to the article, would I see the overwrite protection add time to whatever appendable time length I use?

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Not exactly.  The OPP starts from the end of the job that last writes to the tape.  Suppose the OPP is 2 days and the AP is 5 days.  If a tape is overwritten on Monday then it is protected until Wednesday and is appendable until Friday.  If this tape is appended to on Tuesday, then it is protected until Thursday.  If no other job appends to this tape then it can be overwritten on Friday.

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I’m not sure I am clear on the question. When you say 

“would I see the overwrite protection add time to whatever appendable time length I use?"

 are you asking if Backup Exec is going to adjust the appendable time length automatically for you according to the time set for overwrite protection period?

The answer to that would be no. Backup Exec does not automatically adjust any of the overwrite protection or append settings to accommodate the other. You would still need to manually set both settings accordingly, to protect your data.

Please let me know if that answers your question for you.

Laurie Downey

Backup Exec

Advanced Tech Support

Symantec Corporation