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2nd Installation of PGP Desktop

Created: 20 Apr 2013 • Updated: 22 Apr 2013 | 3 comments
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I purchased my copy of PGP Desktop v 9.8.3 several years ago and installed it on a PC running Windows XP. Due to a recent PC failure, it will be necessary for me to re-install the software on to a new PC running Windows 7. Will the license key that I was provided at the time of purchase allow me to do this?

Also, for some years after the purchase of v 9.8.3, I continued a licensing agreement with PGP that allowed me to download updates to the software as they became available. The last update that I downloaded was v 10.1.2. At the time of the download (May 2011) I received an email providing me with a new license key. However, I never bothered to load the update since I had no complaints with v 9.8.3.

Given that I will be performing a fresh install of the program, I assume that I should install the more recent version. Does anyone know of any reason this should not be done? Or if there is some reason that the license key that I was provided in 2011 would fail to activate the product?

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It does make sense to use your more recent version that will have numerous improvements that may benefit your use, including the fact that 9.8.3 does not have Windows 7 support.  The big question regarding your licensing is whether or not it has expired; you will not be able to use it if it has.  If your license has not expired, and for some reason would not work, you could contact Customer Support for help.

Please note in this Knowledge Base Article that you no longer enter your actual name and your actual organization name for the licensing.

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Tom, thank you for your guidance and for the link to the Knowledge Base Article. I was not aware of this change.

Per the email that provided me with the license key for v 10.1.2:

  • PGP Desktop Home - with Bronze Maintenance Win & Mac - Perpetual

I believe that this indicates that the license is Perpetual and only the Maintenance (i.e. Updates) is limited by the payment of an annual fee. Hopefully this will be the case.

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As I recall (of course, my recall could be incorrect), PGP Desktop Home came with a perpetual license.  Bronze support was discontinued some time ago.  So, I think you are correct that the licensing should not be a problem, and that there is no support provided other than this forum(s).

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