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3 disks in a pool but BackupExec does not rotate them

Created: 15 Nov 2012 • Updated: 15 Nov 2012 | 4 comments


Version backup Exec 2012 Sp1a with the 3 last HotFix

I made backup to disk (3 disk of 15To) so for each job i've specified "any storage on disk (3 device in this pool)".

My problem is that Backup Exec did not use the disk with the most free space, he filled the first until his full (so job failed), then filled the 2nd ...

The only workaround i found is to set the disks in "Pause" one after another to force Backup Exec to write on the disk with the most free space

Thanks for your help, is it a know issue or did i missed something ?


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I think there is an idea submitted for choosing disks with highest available free space...currently, backups do not span disks & they would pick up the first disk from the pool (unless it is full, offline or disabled etc)...and the next job will pick the next disk and so on...(though there is an issue now with the load balancing as well ~ )

A workaround in your case would be to manually select each disk as the target storage instead of a device pool...

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Thanks for your help!

But i think i'm going tyo wait a long time for the fix (and manuelly is not a constant solution  ....)  this particular issue is not currently scheduled for any release

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take a look at the following document explaining how Backup Exec uses media according to the media settings.

In your scenario it sounds like you need to go to BE configuration and settings --> Storage. Set it to Overwrite recyclable media before overwriting SCRATCH media. 

Also make sure Backup Exec is updated to the latest patches.

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I've already set the option to Overwrite recyclable media before overwriting SCRATCH media (the support have already check this point) and i have the lastest patch.

I just would like to know if this issue will be really fixed and if yes, an approximative date of release since it's really not functional in production for us (with the workaround)!