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3600 Appliance Repliation Information.

Created: 17 Jun 2013 | 10 comments's picture

Reference to the above title, that I am first time installing this Backup Exec 3600 Appliance..

 We have new 2 * Backup Exec 3600 Appliance, BeAppliance1 and BeAppliance2 

 I already configured Be Applicane1 is as per the  basic installation guide.  and this is the new appliance there is no data at all.

I need to configured BeApplice2 and make Replication  between two appliance, this to appliance are different building in the same network.  how can I do that.. how can I connect physically configured. ?

 Please if any one can provide the little bit information I can do that..

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You should need the CASO option.  With CASO, share the dedup storage and then you can use optimised duplication to duplicate backup sets from one appliance to another.

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...just be aware of the amount of disk space you have available on each appliance, which is around 5.5TB. You need to have free disk space on each appliance to cater for the other's replicated data. If not, look at adding disk space via external disk.


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we have 2  new backup exec 3600 appliance. which is  5.5TB

i need to configure replication between this two appliance.  please provide me the step by step configuration for  DR. i mean first appliance steps and second applance steps.

i just configure first appliance and i took the backup from client data and restore so for so good.


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For more in-depth information on CASO (Enterprise Server Option in BE 2012) and Deduplication, check the Admin Guide.


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Hello Aslam

We have same BE appliances here and we dont use CASO (Enterprise Server Option in BE 2012) (rip off software). You can use the build in interface to set this up. Go to storage and you can add this as a storage option.

Before you start make sure you create a DeDuplication account on both boxes. Ideally same username and password.

Be Applicane1 Go to storage and click on configure storage.

2 On the wizard choose disk based storage. And click on Next

3 On the new screen choose Deduplication disk storage. And click on Next.(if this option is greyed out on you appliance that means that the licence file for dedupe is not working) so sort that out before you go any further.

4 Give your storage a name and tell it what account to use. (Use dedupe account that you created earlier)

Be Applicane2 Follow the steps 1 to 5 and exactly the same.

Be Applicane1 Go to storage and click on configure storage. And click on Next

On the wizard choose Networked based storage. And click on Next

On the wizard choose Open Storage. And click on Next

9 Give your storage a name and click on Next.

10 On the wizard choose Pure Disk. And click on Next

11 On the next screen enter IP address of "Be Applicane2" and use dedupe account. And click on Next.

You new pure disk store will appear on your storage list.

12 Be Applicane2 Follow the steps 6 to 10 and exactly the same. On step 11.

On the next screen enter IP address of "Be Applicane1" and use dedupe account. And click on Next.

When you create your back up jobs now you will see some extra options for replicating your jobs and backups from appliance1 to appliance 2.

For your info. You can only have 1 Dedupe storage device on each appliance. But more than 1 Pure Disk storage devices.

Hope this helps. Had a nightmare when we got those appliances at the begining but all is working well now.



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Hi Red11

Does it use Optomized replication - and can you restore from app2 if you loose app1 for some reason ?



Morten Packert

Evangelist - Virtualization and Availability

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Hi Pac

Yes it does use optimised replication.

And yes you can respore from the secondary appliance.

I tested the restore myself. Turned off Primary app. And logged on to our DR app and browsed the backup set and did full restore of some of our SQL DBs.

One thing though the target server you are restoring to. You must allow that server to accept connections from your secondary APP. In our case Win Firewall on win server 2008R2 was blocking connections from our DR app.

In our case our jobs are deduping at about 20000mb/minute at the moment. But then again we are using 100mbps fibre link.



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We are also setting up a pair of 3600 appliances between main office and a DR site (via WAN). Basically  DR site has no jobs running there normally. Each appliance shares its own dedupe storage with the other so that we can duplicate backup sets from main office to DR site and vice versa. We are now setting the main office as CASO and MMS at DR site. Is there any recommendation for CASO in this situation? better in main office or DR site? and, where can I find the setting for using distributed catalogs or replicated catalogs?


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thank mr. red11.

how can i change Backup exec 3600 Appliance Default IP address to

and can we modify the storage partition, by default it's showing one partition which is 5Tb.  we are plaing to make 2 partition on each appliance example 2TB for test, and 3 tb for prodection. can we do that, if we can do that, how can it be posible steps.. we need to do on both appliance or one applicane other aplicance will tack replicate from the first appliance  please suggest me the best way..




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Hi Aslam

I am not sure if you have completed this but here it is.

There is 2 ways of changing the IP eddress.

Method one

RDP on the BE3600 Appliance and change IP in network settings.

Method two

Log on to your appliance via webinterface

And then go to

Settings ==> Network Configuration.

As far as your partitions are concerned I would not do that.

Leave the default partition as is all you do is add your dedupe (pure disk) partition as per instructions above.

What Symantec will do then it will use "Disk Provisioning" to manage your partitions.

So when your new "Dedupe" partition grows in size. You original default partition shrinks in size.

Not being funny or anything but have you guys actually read the Admin Guide. All this info is in there.

Hope this helps.