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3rd party software on WM pda's

Created: 13 Apr 2009 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 6 comments

I don't know if this is the right forum for this but:  I am a developer for a software var in retail support.  We have a customer using our software with the Mobile Security Suite 5.1, Enterprise Edition.  When the Security Suite is installed, it prevents our app from running.  When the Security Suite is removed, the app runs again.  Our app has a valid Verisign signature.  What other parameters or characteristics do I have to provie with our installation to "play nice" with the Security Suite?

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nick_123's picture

hey,m not getting wht problem u r facing...jus i want to know wht is dis Mobile Security Suite 5.1..???

just let me know so thet i will come to know..

Peter_007's picture

hey nick
mobile security suite 5.1 is a symantec product.

Hi CliffCorbet -- As mobile security suite 5.1 blocks only unauthorized applications.
there must be problem in your applications(please specify the application you are trying)

If application is authorized - reinstall mobile security suite 5.1


nick_123's picture

wht type of applications u takin abt,,,,y dont u reinstall the mobile security 5.1..and peter mentiond above

Peter_007's picture

Hi Cliffcorbet,

Post your reply as we eager to know if there is problem in mobile security suite 5.1

CliffCorbett's picture

Sorry for the absence.  The product is a corporate-sales-force-automation application.  It is designed to run on a variety of WinMobile-5/6 devices.  It integrates phone/camera/scanner/storage/sync components to provide remote offline support for merchandising operations.  Enough for the sales pitch. 

An older version of the app runs just fine on the target WM6 device with the embedded .NET 2.0 library and the AV.  The new app requires the .NET 3.5 library added to the device.  After installing the library and app, it will run one time.  Terminating the app & attempting to start it again will result in the app halting at the 1st IO operation.  Rebuilding the device without the AV, adding the library & app results in normal operations.  Adding the AV results in the app halting at the 1st IO operation.

Any thoughts on this problem are appreciated.