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404 - File or Directory not found in Outlook 2010

Created: 07 Sep 2012 • Updated: 09 Nov 2012 | 8 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

We are suddenly getting this error 404 when i click on "Serach Vaults" or "archive Explorer" icon in Enetrprise Vault for Outlook 2010. I have no issues with Archive Explorer or Serach vaults in OWA.

404 - File or directory not found.

The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

Any idea what might have caused this problem just for outlook client & NOT in OWA, can anyone please direct me on how to troubleshoot this as i am unable to figure this out?


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Hey ya,

Could you grab a client trace of the error occurring?

In Outlook Control + Shift and then click an icon in the EV toolbar.  Set it to maximum and restart Outlook.

You can then recreate the issue and upload the log here.


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Hi Tony, - When i was trying to reproduce the problem on my machine & After i enabled MAX tracing & restarted outlook it started working for me surprisingly but I have another user it is still failing so i have captured his log file ( Please see attached ).

EV404Log.xlsx 98.44 KB
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So how are you connecting Outlook to Exchange.  It looks like EV thinks OL is not internal to you your domain and is trying to use the proxy website to connect.

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I went through the logs and as the basic start up steps I would suggest the following:

- Check if the ev outlook client version for the affected user is the same as EV server

- Perform manual synchronization for the affected user from EV server(which by now should've happened automatically and might as well has resolved the issue if thats the case) 

Thanks and Regards, Backup Exec, BESR, Enterprise Vault

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Your Outlook client is trying to connect using RPC/HTTP.  I think this is sometimes the default with Outlook 2010 - try turning it off in the Outlook profile, and see if that fixes it.

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Hi All, our outlook clients connect via rpc/http only on slow networks but usually when we connect our laptops in the office network we connect via tcp/ip.

For some reason it stopped working over rpc/http connection & it used to work before. i noticed that my problem re appeared today when i conencted my machine this morning  ( The connection setting was showing https) . I have closed outlook & re launched & this time it connected via tcp/ip & i dont see the problem anymore. I'm not sure what setting changed suddenly that would have caused it to break when conencted via rpc/http connection.

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At this stage I would suggest you to revisit the EV OWA configuration settings specially rpc/http  as the issues you are facing seem to be intermittent.

Thanks and Regards, Backup Exec, BESR, Enterprise Vault

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Is this problem resolved now?

For what it's worth the Outlook Addin doesn't know whether you're connected via TCP/IP or HTTP, Outlook doesn't have a mechanism in it to tell Add-ins that sort of information.  It only tells you how it's connected ie online, cached, disconnected, offline, etc.

The Outlook Addin uses this setting (which boils down to a registry key) to determine if it should operate in RPC/HTTP mode --