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451 Greylisted leads to 1003,11

Created: 22 Apr 2011 | 1 comment
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using SEP client on PC with own smtp server I've encountered misbehaviour of SEP scaning SMTP outgoing mails. SEP recieves mail from local SMTP and retunrs him ok, further it tryes to deliver to server using graylisting for spam protection gets a 451 respond, but insted of trying later again or returning this respond back to local smpt, it displays a message 1003,11. This behaviour results in non delivering the message.

Unfortunately I could not find possibility to switch off smtp check only. Switching off both pop3 and smpt check seems me not appropriate solution.

Please suggest some solution to keep messages checked by SEP and delivering them to servers using greylisting.

Thanks Marek

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Did you check the this Symantec Knowledgebase Article:

Many Unexpected Pop-Ups from Symantec Email Proxy are Displayed

Those pop-ups are making visible to end-users the messages from the remote mail server.  There is something on your computer that is sending mail, and remote servers are bouncing it back as spam.

Chances are that the computer is infected and is sending out spam.  See the following article provided above.

I recommend putting the very latest definitions on to that computer, isolating it from the network, and performing a full system scan in safe mode. 

Mithun Sanghavi
Associate Security Architect


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