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512Byte sectors to 4096Byte / 4KB sectors

Created: 15 Apr 2010

I've been asked to do the nearly imposible;

an XP system with Norton System Works 2003 has come in and is in bad need of a new HDD and none of the install disks are available

the major problem is that somewhere along the line the original file system was converted from FAT32 32KB clusters to NTFS 512Byte Sectors
either by an MS update or by Speed Disk, not sure which one did this but one day when it was turned on it was NTFS and not FAT32 anymore.

If I use BESR to upgrade the disk to a larger disk will it still have the 512Byte sectors or will it be resized to the proper NTFS 4096Byte / 4KB sectors?

The idea "I hope" is to install BESR, and another HDD in the system
boot the system and take an image to the second HDD
remove the old C:\ boot drive and install the New HDD
boot from the SRD and restore the image to the new HDD

the other question is can BESR co-exist with Norton System Works?