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5220 Replication - BANDWIDTH_LIMIT

Created: 26 Nov 2012 | 1 comment
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After reviewing other TECH-NOTES on this subject, which appear to be stagnant, I wanted to put this question out here to see if anyone can enlighten me ?

I have implemented a configuration which includes two sites, each with a Master Server and a 5220 Appliance.  I will be using AIR to replicate between the two sites (two seperate NBU domains) over an Ethernet WAN.

I need to be able to limit the bandwidth utilisation of the WAN link so as not to flood the link and interfere with other applications also using this WAN link.  As the OPTDUP_BANDWIDTH appears to take into account numbers of streams etc., I plan on using the BANDWIDTH_LIMIT parameter as this applied to the overall maximum bandwidth allowed for replication (correct me if I am wrong).

I understand that the BANDWIDTH_LIMIT parameter is specified in KB/Sec, therefore if I wish to limit my link usage to 100Mb/Sec I would specify 12500 for the BANDWIDTH_LIMIT parameter.  A question arose previously as to whether this limit is for TX traffic only or for TX & RX traffic (if the latter then I would need to specify 25000).

Can anyone confirm my statements / assumptions above, or if not advise on the correct implementation of this requirement ?



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The bandwidth limits only restrict the bandwidth while doing the backups. So in this case it would be TX and you need not to make it double.

Example 2:
LIMIT_BANDWIDTH = 10.222.333.111 10.222.333.111 500
This would limit just the one client with the IP address 10.222.333.111 to only 500 KB of bandwidth.

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