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5230 - IP address change after move to new location

Created: 15 Oct 2013 • Updated: 12 Nov 2013 | 5 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Just a quick confirmation required regarding the changing of IP addresses on a 5230 appliance following configuration and live running.

I will configure 2 x 5230 appliances and initially locate both in the primary data center.  These will run (and replicate) for an initial period whilst the backups are 'seeded' between them.

I will then lift & relocate one of the 5230 appliances to a remote data center - at which point I must reconfigure the IP addressing on this 5230.  I will NOT change the name, just the addresses on the interfaces. (2 interfaces will be bonded in a failover mode for backup and 2 interfaces in a failover mode for replication).

I am assuming that I can (via the IPMI interface) simply change the IP addresses on these interfaces/bonds, update DNS accordingly and we should be OK ?  Can anyone confirm, or have I missed something here.....  I guess I may have to dissolve the bonds first, change the address and then re-bond - but that's OK.



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For my money I'd use the Nic1(eth0) port outlined in green on the back of the unit.  Log in via putty or what have you and do the ip change via the Network > Configuration.  Worse case you may have to rebond the ports but thats pretty easy too.  


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you have that pretty much right AJ.
I will either use monitor keyboard in the data center or the IPMI if monitor/keyboard not available

1 - stop netbackup
2 - linkaggregation disable
3 - unconfigure eth1 (or whatever eth still shows an old ip)
4 - configure your new IPs (i normally use balance-alb but you can use active-backup if you like**)
5 - check/change all DNS (nameserver, search domain etc)
6 - check/change NTP if necessary
7 - check/change hosts file entries
8 - run "vxpbx_exchanged -restart"
9 - start netbackup

Don't forget to make the change to your IPMI network config if that is in use in the new location!

**I've never really understood the use of active-backup over balance-alb ... both give you a failover capability but balance-alb gives you 2 active ports vs the 1 with active-backup


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balance-alb is the one I was meaning - that's what I usually use.

What is the requirement to run the vxpbx_exchanged - restart command ?



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AJ -

I have done that so many times but i never restart pbx and always works for me. stop and start netbackup from CLISH and you don't need to worry about stopping / starting process individually and you can do all these changes through IPMI smoothly.

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I would say, for remote Appliance you can just configure single NIC port with local IP rather than whole Bondig to avoid any rework after you move that Appliance to remote site.

Follow Phil's Steps ...

I hope this help you.