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7.1 "Apply System Configuration" task failing

Created: 19 Oct 2012 • Updated: 13 Nov 2012 | 17 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

In a nutshell, I turn on a brand new computer (unknown to the network), find its hostname (minint-xxxx), and:

Deploy the image, reboot to production, it will eventually stop and ask for a computer name (the default is "PC").  I hit Enter.  Eventually it will get to the login screen and I will log in to see that the PC name is still PC.  The configuration task calls for the computer name to be %SERIALNUMBER%.  The task appears to time out.

Strangely enough, if I deploy the same images to computers that are already known to the network, the configuration task applies normally.  Does it have something to do with the temporary name of "minint"?

In Altiris 6.9, when it discovered new computers, it would discover them by serial number, and after a deploy image task, it would reboot to production, reboot another time or two, and eventually it would automatically have that serial number again.

What is going on in 7.1?

PS, the agent is installed in the image.

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Is the Deployment plug in also in the image? You need this to run the configuration task.

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When is the task applied to the computer - that is, at what stage of the job?  You indicated that you apply the image, then reboot to production, but you have not indicated where the configuration task runs.

The configuration task will not properly run in automation, so apply it in production after imaging.  In fact, you should not be prompted for a computer name - that should be automatic.  Then the computer will be in production, with the agent and plugins, and THEN you apply the configuration task.

See if that helps.

Thomas Baird
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This is correct, my job is as follows:

Reboot to PXE

Deploy image

Reboot to production

Apply configuration

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I am having the identical issue.  When I boot back into production, the Apply configuration will work if we use Restore system configuration using inventory data but fails wehn using Use a predefined system configuration.  I believe that all the settings are correct.

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No, you didn't say if you had the Deployment plug-in in your image.

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Apologies... yes, the deployment plug-in is in the image.

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Is this task also adding it to the domain or just renaming the PC. If adding to the domain are the credentials being used OK to do this. ?

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You can test the account your using by just trying to add a new machine in AD. If it fails thats your problem. I once had the problem where the account had reached the default maximum number of machines that can be added to domain.

Also check the domain is the dns format.


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please attach a screenshot of your Apply System Configuration Task. How do you provide the token %serialnumber% in the task?


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please test the token with a simple task on a client.

Write a script task with a pipe to a local file on the client:

echo %serialnumber% > c:\test.txt

Please provide result. Thx.


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Hi md investigate.  Sorry for the late reply, I had thought I responded to this.

I tested the token as you requested, and opened the test.txt file that was created from the script execution. It documented the correct serial number in the file, so that token appears to be valid.

One thing I have also noticed about this Apply System Configuration task...

If I change the Computer name field to something static (IE:  not %SERIALNUMBER or any other token), the task works every time, not a problem.


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Just an update...

I have read that the %SERIALNUMBER% token will not work if you are applying the task to a virtual machine.  I am waiting to get a hold of a physical device, where I can deploy the image and apply the task again, and see if it fails.

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thanks for the update. What is the format of the serialnumber? I just tested here and saw that my virtual machines give something like 1234-5678-9123-... I'm not sure if the delimiter would work for the task!?

What is your format.

Here a kb of  microsoft which defines the name convention for naming.


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Thank you for helping me narrow this issue down.  As this task likely won't ever need to be applied to VMs, this topic can be closed.  The format of the serial number on the VM I've been using was similar to:

VMware-xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx-xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx

I believe that this is what has been causing the rename task to fail.

Thanks again for your help!