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7.1 SP2MR1 nice start .... NOT

Created: 21 Feb 2013 | 3 comments

Starting the transfer to this new version and on testing my fist job (exact same as v7.0) it boots in PXE ok, runs the initial deployment menu OK, runs the ghost job OK, then thats it! nothing. Doesn't run DA.... Looks like my years of wasted time and frustration 7.0 are about to be relived in 7.1 if this is the way its going!

I tried booting to initial deployment without selecting anything to test a simple task and its immediately putting it to sleep. (no, I dont have any maintenance windows)

Anyone got any ideas....

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Are you sitting there watching the machine?  I had an issue with MP1 where the ghost job would complete, the machine reported in console it rebooted to production ok - but in reality it just rebooted itself back to PXE and sat there.  If you walked away you may miss the reboot happening.  If that is happening to you, put a ticket in, support should be able to help.  

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Machine doesn't reboot. It doesn't run DA either...Ticket logged. :-)

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OK - getting a bit further :

first fix was this :

also had an issue where the jobs were not updating on the NS as completed (or failed)

on the site server an altiris service failed to stResolved it by using this fix :

At least its consistent..... consistenlty bad!