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7.1.2 - Cannot see changes to integration component in toolbox

Created: 26 Jun 2013 | 5 comments

Hello all,

I recently ran into an issue in Workflow 7.1.2 while attempting to add a new generator to an integration component. After recompiling and saving the changes to the component, I attempted to view those changes in an existing workflow which uses that component's DLL. Unfortunately, the changes that I made to the component were not reflected in the existing workflow's toolbox and I was unable to determine what happened to them. There were no issues during the creation or recompilation of the new generator and the workflow did not return any errors after being reloaded. I am looking for some assistance as to what has happened to my changes. Is there some specific way that Workflow manages changes to generators that I am not aware of? Is there a reason why when the DLL was overwritten on my machine during the recompilation phase it changed many of the values in the toolbox of my workflow?

Thank you for your assistance

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Something to check: when you recompile a generator, the output gets dumped into <install>/Shared/customlib. However, sometimes you can make the reference to a generated DLL "local" to your project (it shows up the the project's bin folder). This is typicall done when you specify the Project Library reference of the generated DLL as Copy Local.

When you recompile a DLL, local references are NOT refreshed, just the one in customlib.

Check the local version of your generated DLL (if any) in the bin folder; it might be out of date. Once updated, reload the project to see the changes.

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Thanks for the response reecardo,

I have the Copy Local checkbox on the DLL unchecked so, as you said, the DLL in the customlib folder is the only version being updated. Unfortunately, it seems as though when that version is being updated it still is not reflecting my changes to the component when I reload the project. For example, when I load up the project fresh with the DLL that is packaged with it I have no issues with the information that is being shown in my Toolbox. The issue is occuring only when I attempt to load the component associated with that DLL to my machine, and recompile and save it (regardless of applying a change or not). When I go back into the project and reload it much of the information in the toolbox has been changed which, I believe, is not what should be happening because it is the same component (I have made no changes at all).

I apologize for the long-winded descriptions, but it is actually quite difficult to describe. I am trying to wrap my head around any possible reasons for why the DLL the component creates, which is the same DLL the project is using, would be changing values simply by being recompiled without any changes being made.

Thank you again for your time and assistance.

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I think what might be happening is that the Help Editor is launching, sourcing in all the values and creating new default ones, and you're saving it off. The Help Editor is basically an editor for the .libconfig associated with a DLL (<install>/Designer/Help). The libconfig stores the display values of page properties (tabs), categories (headers), the properties themselves, even the component names in a component DLL.

When the Help Editor launches, just cancel out of it and don't save. That way your toolbox values stay the same.

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I haven't been saving anything on that screen during my investigation of the problem. It really is seeming like there is something different between the DLL before I recompile and save it and after I recompile and save it. I havent made any changes to the component or the project at all and many of the toolbox, and thus the integrations and components, have been changed or are missing completely. The component I am grabbing to edit is the current version in our repo and should be the one the project is using. Is there some versioning going on behind the curtains making the two DLL's different?

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UPDATE: I have localized the issue to one specific Integration containing multiple generators. I have been able to make the same changes in a different Integration and the error has not occurred. I'm not sure what the issue is with that specific Integration, but at least now I know exactly where it is coming from. Still at a loss for a solution to fix that Integration specifically, however.