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7.5 Saved Search: Worse than 7.1?

Created: 10 Apr 2014 • Updated: 10 Apr 2014 | 4 comments

After my recent upgrade to 7.5, I'm popping in to the SMC to check out the (hoped) enhancements to the Computer Search (Manage > Computers). My hopes were dashed when I realized that not only were there no enhancements... the feature has degraded even further. My previous saved searches all list the same options under Add Search Criteria. Furthermore (and most frustrating)... Saving the search filter doesn't save any custom search criteria.

Here are the steps to reproduce:

1. Navigate to the SMC > Manage > Computers

2. Click Add Search Criteria > Add Custom Criteria

3. For fun (and the purpose of this) Check BIOS Serial Number and Last Logon User and uncheck Domain under AeX AC Identification.

4. Press OK

5. Click Add Search Criteria

6. First observe that Domain remains, despite the fact that you just unchecked it {BUG?}. Then confirm that BIOS Serial Number and Last Logon User are both present.

7. Now, assuming you built the list of criteria you intended, click the Save icon.

8. Give it a name (I used Complete Failure) and press OK.

9. Back in the Saved Searches, you'll see your freshly configured search. Click on that.

10. Click Add Search Criteria

11. Congratulations! For your troubles, you get nothing but wasted time and the default Search Criteria. Possibly a bonus of increased blood pressure.

So... what am I doing wrong in this most rudimentary of features?

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JannasTo's picture

The only way I can get this to save is to actually enter some info into the search criteria. For example using last login user - enter any text into the box 'last login user' as if you were doing a search and save. Then if you go back to that saved search then its still there. Try that as a workaround.

And yes, I think the GUI has a loooong way to go before its the finished product

JannasTo's picture

Nope - I take that back - allthough the search box did stay there, the list of computers didn't change no matter what I typed in. I concur - it is a waste of time!

Powershell_Guru's picture

I agree with the both of you.  All of my 7.1 users (PC Support etc..) are used to going here and searching by logged on user.  Yes I can map the data class but seriously?


The Guru

Alex Bizjajev's picture

As far as I know "Saved Searches" were improved in 7.5.SP1 a lot - are we are talking about the 7.5 release or about the 7.5.SP1 ?

(please take a look at attached flash video - I have tried to follow the steps from the initial post with 7.5.SP1 - seems like it works)

Thank you,


Saved-searches-7.5.SP1_.swf 3.28 MB