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7.5 SMP Performance on Console and separated Application Pools

Created: 28 Oct 2013 • Updated: 30 Oct 2013 | 3 comments

Hi everyone,

I guess there are many out there who have implemented separate Application Pools to improve Console performance in 7.0 / 7.1. There are articles out there which suggests doing so ( ). However there are also articles out there which suggest to avoid doing this ( So the implementation was alwas at "your own risk" and maybe helped in some cases and made things worse in other cases.

However, now 7.0 and 7.1 is the past and everyone is moving to the future with 7.5 but the question is what is the best practise for 7.5?

Should the application pools being removed prior to upgrading? Or should we keep the separate application pools? Or is it again at "your own risk" to test if this is helping or not?



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Matt Suckel's picture

It is definitely best practice to remove the separate app pools prior to upgrading.  Also with the performance gains that are in 7.5, you should not have to do this.


It has not been a 'recommended' solution in quite some time.  (I do know it can improve things - I have seen where breaking out console traffic did help, but still not recommended)


I would remove the separate pools before you upgrade and if at some point in the future you really feel you need them, then make that decision at that point.






Stefan S.'s picture

Thanks for your reply. I have had same reply from another source ;-)

I hope the performance has improved in 7.5. So far I have not heard much about the performance improvement. Neither good nor bad comments... I don't know if that is a good or a bad sign...

Will see. Hopefully this week I am able to upgrade my test environment...

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I'm wondering how you would use 8GB oder 16GB RAM on a SMP Box without using different app pools?
As far as I know there is a Microsoft limitation/bug/problem in IIS about recycling memory within an Application Pool (somewhere at 1.2GB?). And Altiris is still using IIS 6.

On smaller systems below 1000 clients, the whole SMP system doesn't even use the full 4GB if you are just using one single app pool.

The situation now is unsatisfying without a clear statement of Symantec, using App Pools or not.

The article "how to implement app pools" does not exist anymore.
So I assume one shouldn't use app pools anymore.

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