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I use Symantec Endpoint Protection v11.0.6005.562 and I have been receiving the eror message below about once an hour for the last three or four hours:  

Traffic from IP Address is blocked from 8/24/2012 7:53AM to 8/24/2012 7:58AM.  Denial of service is logged.  (the hour & minutes change every time I get the message)

What does this mean  and what do I need to so to take care of this?  

Thank you.

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the IP is comcast IP address

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If you have access to the SEPM console, you should exclude the Comcast IPs in the IPS policy:

Clients > Policies > Intrusion Prevention Policy > Settings > Enable excluded hosts

Alternatively, you can disable Denial of service detection.

or upgrade to latest version or SEP 11 ru 6 MP1 atleast

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It's a comcast DNS server.

You should upgrade to the latest version of SEP 11.x (ru7 mp2)

I believe this bug was resolved back in ru6 mp1 but upgrading to latest version will fix it as well.

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Upgrade to the latest version can be one of the possible solution.

Always make sure you will use latest SEP version.

Use all the the SEP features i.e. AV/AS, PTP & NTP.

Use latest windows patches and service pack.

Disable auto-run.

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Denial of Service (a.k.a. DoS) detection is a firewall feature of SEP Enterprise Edition (EE).  If you have SEP Small Business Edition (SBE) you cannot see this feature and it should be disabled.

You can enable/disable the feature only in the EE version from the firewall policy:

1. Edit a firewall policy.

2. Go to the "Protection and Stealth" settings.

This issue has been fixed in Symantec Endpoint Protection 11(11.0.6100.645) Release Update 6 Maintenance Patch 1 (RU6 MP1) and above.


Please upgrade to latest version which is SEP 12.1.

Check these Threads below:

Hope that helps!!

Mithun Sanghavi
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