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84 and 802 status code receiving on every weekend backup

Created: 21 Jan 2011 • Updated: 24 Jan 2011 | 3 comments

HI Friends ,

Facing issue in Tape LIbrary and drives from september month.

ISSUE :  Tape Drive down and Media frozen happening on weekend backup.


Upgraded Firmware & drivers on both Tape Library and Backup Server(Master & Media server both are in one)

Tape Library shows &# SAC Error, we replaced Picker Assembly , PSB board and main controller Board.

Still getting Media Alert as mentioned below.

Media Error LOG : 21/1/2011

01/21/11 21:36:00 TD0347 3 TAPE_ALERT IBM.ULT3580-TD2.003 0x01000000 0x00000000

01/21/11 22:09:07 TD0348 2 WRITE_ERROR IBM.ULT3580-TD2.002

01/21/11 22:09:16 TD0348 2 TAPE_ALERT IBM.ULT3580-TD2.002 0x38000000 0x02000000

01/22/11 01:06:14 TD0353 2 WRITE_ERROR IBM.ULT3580-TD2.002

01/22/11 01:06:24 TD0353 2 TAPE_ALERT IBM.ULT3580-TD2.002 0x38000000 0x02000000

Kindly help me to resolve this as soon as possible.

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This is the wrong forum, I will move you to the Backup Exec forum.

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Are you on backupexec version BE 2010 or BE 2010 r2 sp1

Also are symanrtec drivers installed for  tape dirve & are they upto date

Thank You

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Have you tested your library with an IBM diagnostic utility, including a write test.  If not, do so and do stop all the BE services first.