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A5 queues just increases

Created: 09 Apr 2013 | 4 comments

Since a while back our a5-queues is just increasing. We have 5 exchange servers and all all of the a5 queues are just increasing. At the beginning they slowly decreased from one day to another day. But now they are just building up.

Our version of EVault is 9.
We are under a upgrade of our exchange to 2010, so we have both exchange 2007 and 2010 but that dosen't make a different regarding the queues. No mail is being achive at the moment is my experience.

Do anyone have a idea of what I can do to resolve this.

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A 5 queue is used for scheduled archiving run and will be processed only in the scheduled window. Make sure your backup plans do not clash with archiving window.

Can you check the event logs an post related events here

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Additionally you can refer following technote:

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I don't think that TechNote will help.  You say nothing is being archived so you will need to look in the EV application log around the start time of your archive window for errors and warnings.

Also, can you try to manually archive 1 user for say 100 items?  What are the results of that?

Check the Event logs first, see what it says.

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As far as i understood it seems that your scheduled window is processing the eligible items and build up in A5 queue but probably it's not completing it phase i.e. from A5-Storage-A1.

Best way to begin troubleshooting, i would recommend you to initiate a dtrace on following component to confirm whether archiving is working properly or not.


b. ArchiveTask

c. Storagearchive.

If you scheduled task window has no bandwidth to process the A5 queue then it will process them in the next scheduled window so it does not mean that there is an issue unless you don't see any changes in numbers for A5 queue (I mean here is, value up and down)

Advisor technote will help if your Task scheduled window is running out of bandwidth to process A5.