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About DLP table space

Created: 02 Jan 2012 | 2 comments
Hi all,
I’ve installed DLP for the first time and have question about Oracle table space.
I used template file which is Symantec provide for Oracle installation and found out ‘LOB_TABLESPACE’ are being increased very fast.
So, I wonder that the ‘LOB01.DBF’ file is set of ‘auto extend’ option?
And there are also ‘LOB02.DBF’ and ‘LOB03.DBF’ (It takes only 1GB space though)
Is that right if ‘LOG01.DBF’ space gets full then it goes ‘LOB02.DBF’ space automatically and auto extend up to around 33GB?
Thank you in advance and happy new year.

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The LOB_TABLESPACE stores binary files, eg. attachments, uploaded files, etc for the incidents. So the more and bigger files you have, the faster it will increase. It's worth to think in advance about what files to keep with incident data, as it's not easy to shrink the LOB_TABLESPACE later. Oracle will not shrink the DBF files even if you delete the incidents, it will keep their sizes and reuse the files later.

You can manage / add tablespace files and settings  from Oracle Enterprise Manager, see a howto here:

Be careful with it!

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Hi Barnabas,

Thank you for comment.

Do you know what will happen if 'LOB01.DBF' is full?

I wonder if 'LOB01.DBF' is full then DLP will stores datas in 'LOB02.DBF' and 'LOB03.DBF' files.