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About FSA (File) Volume Policy Rule Type - Archive copy and reset

Created: 09 Aug 2012 | 5 comments

Hope someone can clarify things.  My question has to do with the file volume policy 'Archive copy and reset' rule type.  What does the reset part mean?  Does the file's archive bit get reset if the file matches the rule? 

Thank you.

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So what that will do is archive the item but not create a shortcut.

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The reason I started looking closely at the rules is that I noticed multiple copies of the same file while using Archive Explorer.  They have the same modify date, create date, and folder. 

The policy I am using has the following rules:

Archive if modified in last 30 days
Archive if created in last 30 days
Do Not Archive if modified in last 1 day
Do Not Archive if file is of a certain type (e.g. *.vbs)

Say that there is a match on the first rule.  Couldn't I potentially have 30 copies of a file?  FSA must be using some other qualifer. Maybe the archive bit?


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First, is that the order of your rules?  If yes you need to know that the first rule that matches is what will be applied so you might want to move your Do Not Archive rules to the top.

What version of EV?  and are you actually using the Archive Copy and Reset?

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Yes we are using Archive Copy and Reset.  No shortcuts. 

That is not the correct order, the 'Do not archive rules' are 1 and 2 followed by Archive if Created in the last 30 days and Archive if modified in the last 30 days.

The version is EV9 SP3 (recent upgrade from EV8 SP4).

Thanks for your time with this.

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Actually, for performance I wonder if I should move up the Do Not Archive - last modified time is within the last 1 days ahead of the Do Not Archive - file is one of (*.vbs, *.ini, etc).  I think it might be faster to check a date then it would be to check the file types (I have about 24 files types listed)

Would this be optimal?

 Here is the current order:

Do not archive - file type
Do not archive - file is modified in the last 1 day
Archive - created in last 30 days
Archive - modified in the last 30 days

 Thanks again.