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About SAN Media server

Created: 18 Nov 2012 • Updated: 18 Jan 2013 | 5 comments
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Can you please describe about SAN media server in net backup Environment:

Configuration of SAN media server:

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This questions is asked lot of times, please try to search more.


They are servers that have access to storage devices located on the SAN (tape or disk). They are allowed to backup only there own data to these devices, they cannot accept backups from other clients over the LAN. You need an Enterprise client license for this, and you need to install Netbackup server software.

San media servers are clients that have media server status that have direct access to the storage. They need not to go through media server, the can directly go to storage.

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Can you have steps to configure a SAN media server?

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check this from discussion, , it has some usefull links.

let me know if you any more question, i will try to calrify.. 


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It would be simple,just intall the software and put the correct liceses required for SAN media server and point it to right Master server.

License keys to be added to SAN Media Server:

SAN MEDIA license
Enterprise Client
Library Based Tape Drive

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Not sure of why did you asked below one again (

Deployment of NBU isn't difficult, You need to focus on it's pre-requisite part which is Important


NBU Offers two way to protect data via SAN medium

1. SAN Media Server (Backs up themselves only, No Remote client streaming, Media Server Daemons would be consuming CPU cycles at Client)

2. FT-SAN Media Server (Backs up locally and Remote clients too, Regular NBU client to be used on Servers, Refer HCL for compatible specific HBA family that requires on FT media Server, at client any are supported, Further to this at backend it's all SAN zoning Game which plays key role and your strategic calculation. Best Practise and Admin Guides of SAN clients would best fit in advisory part.

Now choice lies with you which method do you wish to go for

Once you are ready with choice. Check for HCL, Enterprise Client License (SAN Media Server) available with your organization, Shared Storage Option License (Sharing of Drives)

If Server which is to be protected can handle additional CPU load and backup window is only constraint limited to it, you may go with SAN media server but if you want centralized SAN streaming go for FT media server

For Licensing

Enterprise Client License are required per Host basis (It can be used against Hyper-V/ VMWare, SAN Media Server / FT Media Server etc.)

Shared Storage Option (as SAN media server would be writing data locally hence requires tape drives to be shared via SAN so licensing would be per drive you share amongst media server)

Hope this clears your doubts