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Access is denied to Remote Agent-restore SQL database to a different server

Created: 02 Nov 2006 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 1 comment

Finally, I am able to sign in and post a question. For some reason, when I signed in the last few days, the sign in seems to work (as no error message was displayed). However, I did not see the post message option.

In any case, I got an error: Access is denied to Remote Agent.

My situation:
- Two servers (A and B), both have Backup Exec 9.1.
- Both servers has SQL Server 2000
- Backup Exec services in both servers use my Windows network logon account.
- My Windows network logon account has sys admin privilege on both servers.
- My Windows network logon account has database system admin privilege in both SQL servers.
- A SQL database was backuped in A, and I was trying to restore to B.
- Error: Access is denied to Remote Agent. The following are from the error log:

- Job operation - Restore
- Server - B
Access is denied to Remote Agent

- Job Completion Status
Job ended: Wednesday, November 01, 2006 at 10:35:28 AM
Completed status: Failed
Final error: 0xa000fe29 - Authentication failed on connection to the server.

Final error category: Security Errors

- Errors
Click an error below to locate it in the job log
Restore - B Access is denied to Remote Agent

What shall I do in order to make the restore with redirection work? In Backup Exec's logon account, I added my Windows network account. For restore with redirection, I selected my Windows network account as the Server Login Account and SQL Logon Account.



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Shraddha Dhavale's picture


The following error will occur when attempting a backup of the SQL selections from a Microsoft SQL Server using Backup Exec with the Agent for Microsoft SQL license installed

0xa000FE29 - access is denied to remote agent

When you get this error, there are a few things to look for:

--Make sure that the user that the Backup Exec Remote Agent for Windows Servers service is set to use 'Local System Account'.

--Check to see if the server that Backup Exec is trying to backup is online.

--Check to make sure that the username supplied to Backup Exec has Domain Administrator or equivalent rights.

--Verify that if you are using the Incremental / Differential method to backup the databases, the Master database is not selected for.

Hope this will help you.