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Access denied to remote agents

Created: 23 Apr 2008 • Updated: 02 Mar 2009

So what am i doing wrong?

I've installed Backup Exec 12 and remote agents to various servers all fine.

I've come to the backup selection list and no matter what account i use it keeps coming up access denied when i'm trying to browse the servers the with the remote agents i've installed on.

Things i've tried:

Using the domain admin account

Putting the domain admin account implicitly in the local admin's group on the remote servers

Restarting the Remote agent service

Uninstalling/reinstalling the remote agent on the servers

Using various different accounts to connect and different conatations of names eg domain\user domain.local\user user user@domain

I'm really stuck and can't think what else to try!

I can browse to the remote servers using the accounts i've set up, the name resolves to the correct ip!

Please help!