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Access to Symantec Mesaging Gateway

Created: 21 Jun 2013 • Updated: 21 Jun 2013 | 3 comments


i have 3 questions

question 1

is it possible to change the port of HTTPS ??? from 443 to 8443 for example

question 2

is it possible to restrict access to the control center just from a specified interface ???

like enabling access just from the outbound interface only

question 3

when i specify the hosts which can administer Symantec Messaging Gateway (Administration --> Control center --> Access)

is there any way to reset this access once in trouble ??? like resetting it from console ?

is there a possible recovery in this case ?


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1- As i know it's hardly coded. You can enable 443 or disable,also you can still use 41443 as i remember. Of course you've a chance to change it from web server configuration in SMG however you need knowledge of Linux and also need to contact to get Root access.

2-Almost same answer for Question 1, you should need Root access then you can limit.

3-No way but you can use physical console (screen+keyboard) or you can use VM console if it's a vmware.



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Thanks for your answer.

for the 3rd question :

if i use physical console then i will have access just from command line,

so to unlock/restore access from control center will i need root access ?

or there is a way to do it just using the "admin" account ?


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it can be reset with admin. there is no root access available.