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Access to tickets made by other people...

Created: 15 Nov 2012 | 3 comments

Dear all,

the manager of one of our divisions would like to have access to all tickets made by the people of her division. My first solution was to add her as a contact to the ticket, but apparently this is not possible, even for the person who created the ticket.
Is this possible? If not, how can I grant her access to all her division's tickets but not others?

Thanks for your answers.

Koen van Carglass

PS. SD 7.1 SP2

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Permission has always been broken in ServiceDesk and that hasn't changed in 7.5. What they can do is make sure they assign it to the group instead of an individual so that way the permissions from the group is pushed down to all the workers.

But if it's directly assigned to a worker then the permissions for the group are not there. You can try a customization I did that sets permissions for all the groups the worker belongs to so that anyone in that group can see and work the ticket. 

How to add permissions if an incident has been directly assigned to a worker

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Hey Aryanos,

Thanks for the reply, but I'm afraid I wasn't too clear about my question. What I need is that a manager from the business can view the contents of all the tickets his/her people have logged, not a manager from the IT department.

Kind regards


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You could create an SQL query component, which looks up the affected users Manager, then use that during the incident creation workflow. If the affected user has the specific mananger you are want give access, then have the process add him as an additional contact.

Now for 7.5 you would created a seperate workflow (since you no longer can modify the core workflows) and called that work flow during the uponticketcreation ruleset.

Hope this gives you some idea where to go from here.

Rob Hilberding Sr. Consultant ExpressAbility