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Access Vaulted items in different EV Site - with VV support

Created: 27 Aug 2013 • Updated: 28 Aug 2013 | 4 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

I have this issue but with a twist:

users do not use stubs at all, everything that is archived goes straight to virtual vault.

according to the help files in EV documents:

  • When you want users to be able to access archived items from mailbox shortcuts in other vault sites

ok, so if i don't have stubs, how can I give permissions so that I can synch VV from other site to outlook and not use archive explorer?

ev version 9.0.2

Operating Systems:

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So you have like

You have people in EVSITE1 and they're managed by their local EV Site
and you want them to access Virtual Vault in EVSITE2?

If thats the case, you cannot, you'd have to give them a mailbox in myDomain2/EVSite2
and then have a seperate Outlook profile, because the Hidden settings will be pointing to the local EV Site

So like what would happen is if it is told to synch 100001C091AD10B4C8F7434340C386BBA1110000evsite2

it goes to etc
and it wouldn't be able to find the archive ID  etc

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I have users in each EV sites, and I want to give user from EVsite1 permissions on archive on EVsite2 (same AD forest, two domains).

so that the contects of the archive from EVsite2 will synch to his VV on site1

from archive explorer, we can get to the data, but since it's calendars - it's easier to open through outlook and not through AE.

it looks as if it should be supported but Im missing out something.

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Yeah it's definitely not supported