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Access WDE for MAC and Windows download

Created: 10 Feb 2011 | 17 comments

Hi All,

I am trying to download PGP WDE as I need to rebuild my laptop. Since LEM has gone I cant find in symantec where to download the software. I am unable to register my existing product. I have the original order confirmation from PGP but cannot find any information on it that I can use to register as a license, anyone else been able to do so ?



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I'm hoping this will help:

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Hi Tom,

Thanks for your response.

It might be but what info do I put in. All I have been provided on my order confirmation from PGP is a PGP order number, a Product SKU Code, and a customer number, none of which are accepted when you enter as  the serial number. I have the activation code as well but that dosent work either.



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Hi Jamie,

This is looking like a big problem at the moment, and I wish there was more I could offer.  I have added you to my list of people here on the forum needing help in this area, with hope that this will soon be resolved and I (or someone else) can post the resolution here for you.


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Add me to the list as well - my serial number doesn't work either.

Given that you've disabled the auto-update feature built into the product, this will prevent folks from getting upgrades and patches as well - and with the impending release of 10.6.7, we'd be stuck without the ability to upgrade and get critical OS security updates due to PGP tardiness.

It amazes me that you guys would shut down the PGP websites without having things like software downloads up and running.  Whoever is managing (I won't say planning) this assimiliation, is doing a lousy job.

Come on guys - we had enough concerns about Symantec without you flubbing basic things like this.

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Actually, I'm sending notice by threads that this is something that needs resolution.  I appreciate your frustration with this, and wish there was more that I could do, and that this is quickly resolved.

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Customers should have received a welcome letter with registration enclosed. I don't have the details in front of me, but here are a few options to try (until Tom comes back with the official Right Answer):

1. Try logging into the Licensing Portal at

Many different PGP customer accounts have been migrated, it's possible that the LEMS accounts were migrated to the Symantec licensing portal so you can log in and determine the serial number to put into FileConnect.

2. Call Symantec Customer Care via the phone numbers on this page:

Perhaps they can look up the information for you.

We'll get this sorted soon.


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So existing PGP customers should have received that letter?  Nope - didn't get one.

After logging in, there are no PGP entitlements listed on my licensing page.

Requiring every PGP customer to call support isn't acceptable.  Please reactivate LEMS instead.

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The new Symantec Licensing Portal does not recognizes my license by Serial Number, and I can't download

the software as in Lems neither renew the Bronze support that is expiring this month. 

How solve this?

Customer number(Symantec?): 59673347

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tknp, the best approach for you will be to contact Customer Care via the contact information on this page:

Feedback from other customers has been very positive about interactions with Customer Care - this is not technical support, but a special licensing group that provides assistance with this type of issue, so hold times are generally very low.

Unfortunately we cannot reactivate LEMS. Transitions can be rocky, but we'll get through this.


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"The Licensing and Registration System is currently unavailable due to maintenance activities. Please try again later."

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Thank you for your kind reply but I decided to wait. See my other post.

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So every one of the thousands of PGP customers will need to call the support line for every udpate?  Seems like a really high-cost solution for you, and a major inconvienence for customers.

I've been involved in many many corporate transitions, and have never seen such a basic thing screwed up so badly.  I'd have been fired if those new customers couldn't get their entitled software seamlessly, and so should whomever screwed this up at Symantec.

You guys had a huge hill to climb with a population of skeptical users (many who have been very very badly burned by Symantec in the past).  This on-going string of problems, including the failed email notifications, continually delayed patches, confusing information, and now licensing issues has not only done nothing to address those concerns, it has reinforced them.  We're now waiting for the next major issue (which I expect to potentially be 10.6.7 support, and certainly a major lag in 10.7 support).

When, specifically, will the system be repaired so that customers may obtain their contractually entitled software updates without this hassle?  What specific measures are being taken to test any remaining migration activities prior to their execution?

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I too am finding this comically backward.

Firstly removing the software update function from the software, then remove any facility to get the latest version from the site.

Do I really have to call up an 0870 number to get a simple point update to software I have paid good money for?

If and when an alternative (to PGP WDE OSX) presents itself I will seriously consider jumping ship not based on the software's performance (which works very well to be fair, update issues aside); but because of the apparent lack of common sense & courtesy towards customers. This is perhaps a classic case of competition (or lack there of) affecting customer care.



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Finally I received a mail from Symantec Renewals for an "urgent" renewal of the Bronze support, which  I did.

Now I am waiting for a reply with instructions to get the latest version of the software.

I will keep you on date.

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Let's just say that I'm glad my renewal is after June....

Still no fix for the issue other than having to call in.  I'm assuming at this point that there won't be one.  Interesting choice.  Fix it once, or make thousands of people call in.  You'd think the 800 charges alone would have motivated them to fix it.

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Dear Symantec,

now seriously. Why can't you handle a simple download page and why did you shutdown the lems when you have no other solution?

My account has not yet been migrated (no letter, no e-mail, just a new account I created myself). And I have not the time to make calls for some hours, only for getting an update.

You have now 2 weeks from my side to resolve this problem. I will change after this deadline to Winmagic Securedoc. I think if more people as just me wanna do this, you do not have to create a new structure integrating PGP into Symantec. With no customers, no further business in this (hard) times. Quite simple.



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YvesA, thank you very much for the link at Winmagic Securedoc! I was looking for alternatives and now I found one with your help :) I am really extremely frustrated with the situation where I can't downloaded the software I've paid for!