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Accessing DVS Files

Created: 06 Sep 2008 • Updated: 17 Jan 2013 | 3 comments
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I think I already know the answer to this having read through the board.  I thought I would double check as I'm desperate...


One of my customers has lost their entire vault server. Gone and cannot be recovered (don't ask!)


All they have left is a directory full of DVS files. They have decided that, rather than "Vault" them, they would rather just put them into .pst files for individual users to access.


Now, if there is a way we can convert a .dvs file to a .msg file, my team can handle everything else (ie going through the files, identifying the appropriate pst, adding it in etc.)


In fact, converting them to pretty much anything with an available API would do - just so long as we can get them into .msg format somehow.


I've read through the board, and can't find reference to anything suitable. Maybe there is an API or utility I've missed? I've also taked a look at what valkarie.dll can do - but cant see a way through with that either.


If anyone can help, I'd greatly appreciate it.



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The only way I know how to get a .dvs to a .msg would be to open it in directly using Outlook, then "Save As" .msg.


To my knowledge there are no tools available to do this automatically.


What about just building a new EV server, then get something like DVS Checker from Support to re-populate the databases? Maybe an idea...

SidLothian's picture

Hi Mark,


Thanks for the pointer.


I read somewhere on the board that DVS checker was only useful if you had a to fix a few missed ones, and also that it was a tool that support kept to themselves - ie not available to me (the public)


Hope I'm wrong and you can help me some-more!





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DOH! My bad. Had a blonde moment.


That tool would only work if you have existing archives etc, and you already mentioned your EV server is gone. Don't you even have a backup anywhere of the SQL??