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Created: 26 Jan 2005 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 3 comments

I see that Veritas allow access to "" however when I go to post a message I get errro 441 saying that I dont have the ability to post.

I have set OE to supply my username and password from this site, but neither my friendly name, my email address, nor my ID number seem to work to let me post on the news server.

I like using my news reader better than using web based forums so it would be great if I could find out how to post on ""

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Varsha's picture

VERITAS has stopped the Newgroups.
You may post your queries on the beforum.

Jordan 2's picture

Your right. I just saw that the last posts were on the 14th.

Yuck!!! I don't like web based posting.

Keith Langmead's picture

Yeah, I kind of agree with you Jordan, but I can see a few benefits of the forum method.

My only two complaints with this forum is the fact that 1) it is so unbelievably slow, which certainly does little to encourage me to come on here and be an active participant. I've tried with several different browsers, and from both work and home (University connection and 1MB ADSL respectively), and they are all slow, so it must be the site itself. 2) The watch notifications don't seem to work. I did actually post a comment on it last week to the suggestions/comments forum, but from what I can see only one person has looked at that, and that was another user confirming he was experiencing the same thing.