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accidental deleted files

Created: 14 Aug 2013 | 9 comments

Please help, I have BE 2012 and I accidentally "permanetly deleted" the shared network folder where all our backups are saved.

I was able to use a data recovery tool and get the 90% of the data back, but noticed the backups that I marked for "data retension" have "0kb" by their bkf file.  Is this data stored elsewhere?

what is the easiest way to get this data back?  The server is not in use right now so these deleted files will not get overwritten.

I do appriciate the help, thank you.

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Are you saying that the actual .bkf file on the disk is showing 0 KB? Have you trying to perfrom the restore from Backup Exec?

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From within the recovery tool the bkf is showing up as 0kb. I havent moved the bkf files back to the drive as I dont want to overwrite data if it is recoverable so I cant run inventory/catalog yet.

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Unless you have duplicated the backups to a Tape or have backed up the volume that had the ,bkf files to another location (remote B2D or Tape) there is no wany restoring the files.

To be on a safer side, if the recovery software allows you to move the files to another location, do that and create a B2D folder at that location.

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Please inventory this storage device in backup exec.

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Since you have recovered the .bkf files using a recovery utility, they might be still damaged.  You need to do an inventory on them and then catalog them to see what are their contents.  If the catalog fails, this means that the .bkf files are damaged and are not usable.  Even if the catalog is successful, you should do a restore from these .bkf files to test what is recoverable and what is not.

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the weird thing is only the backups that were checked as "retained" came back with 0kb.

there has to be a way to get them back, deleting doesnt really delete them, it just marks them for deletion, and nothing has be written to the drive yet.

please help.

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Recovery of a deleted file is never guaranteed, especially if the disk is fragmented.  Most recovery software will not be able to piece together the various fragments of a file when the directory entry for the file is deleted.

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this is a brand new server, so i dont think its due to a fragmented disk. Disks are in raid 5 . Is there a service or pricy software you can recomend that will collect the directory files and put the BKF's back together? This is for Legal reasons and my job. money is no object. I really appriciate any help or advice.

thank you very much.

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When you use RAID 5, the data in a file is distributed among the disks in the RAID array even if the file appears to be contiguous to the OS.