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Account used by NetBackup to perform backups..

Created: 25 Nov 2013 • Updated: 02 Dec 2013 | 10 comments
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Which account/privileges does NetBackup uses to perform client backups ?

I have a Solaris client on which filesystems have drwxrwx--- permission. A specific group has permission to access the files. How can I instruct NetBackup to backup those files using that "account"

Master -- Solaris

Client -- Solaris

NetBackup version

Each time those files are getting skipped because of permission issue.

Operating Systems:

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RamNagalla's picture

by default netbackup use the root accout (unix) and local admin accout ( for windows) to take the backups.

for unix if the root accout does not have the provilages on those Directory, add the root accout to the  group having the privilages on the Directory.

in case of windows there is a option to chage the log on accout for netbackup client servies with the accout having the privilages from the services.

Ashok K's picture

Appreciate your quick response.

Infact I'm trying to take the backup of files that exist on the master server itself. Meaning master and clients are same hosts. But those filesystems are NFS mounts.. Follow NFS is enabled and NetBackup is able to take the backup of other files in those filesystems only few filesystems with drwxrwx--- are giving problem.

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Netbackup runs as root.

You may want to create a crontab for this account to backup the files with bpbackup command.

Add a User type schedule to existing policy with open window during which user backup will be allowed.

bpbackup command will look similar to this:

/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/bpbackup -p <policy-name> -s <user-schedule-name> -L /path/logfile-name /filesystem-path

*** EDIT *** 

I saw your reply above after saving my post.

 But those filesystems are NFS mounts..

Why not install NBU client on the server where the actual files reside?

Read permissions (for backup and normal file operations) not only depends on source permissions, but also on sharing permissions as well as mount options.

NFS is not really the best way to perform backups.

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RamNagalla's picture

yes.. for NFS root needs to have the permission on the share too..

always better to take the backup from NFS eliminates the permission issues... and reduce the data travle path, increase the perfromance.

Ashok K's picture

The issue is not with NFS permission. We have permission and the problem is only with the files not having permission to others. Only root and owner have access to those files. And these files exist on master server itself, meaning client and master are same.

As netbackup backups the files using "root" and root also has permission to those files, but I didn't understand why it is skipping. (NFS share has permission)

Marianne's picture

Please bear in mind that 'root' on source server where actual files exist is not the same as root on the master server where filesystem is NFS mounted.
Only when files are shared on source server with 'root=XXX' option or 'anon=uid ' will 'local' root account be seen as root.
Best to check and verify share permissions on source server.

To troubleshoot from NBU point of view, please create bpbkar log folder on the master server.

After next backup with sikpped files, copy bpbkar log file to bpbkar.txt and post as File attachment.

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Ashok K's picture

Yes are right....that is actually NFS filesystem so that root may not be NetBackup root even thought client and master are same servers.

I have found the owner of those NFS files...and I know the crdentials of that owner. Can we specify in NetBackup to login with that owner account while performing backups (Policy based backups) ?

Our intetention is not give permission to "Other" rather Specify in NetBackup to use Owner credentails while backing up...

I hope you understand my requirement...

Marianne's picture

Have you seen my post above?

Try bpbackup in user's crontab.

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Ashok K's picture

I tried that (user initiated backup) but it is still failing with can't cd to "<filesystem path>". NFS mount is on master server. So when I run that command from client (which is also master), I'm getting same error "permission denied". Can we supply credentials to bpbackup command ?

Marianne's picture

If you run bpbackup as the user with correct read and execute permissions on the master, it will work.

Before you try bpbackup, use tar as a test to backup the mount point to /dev/null. 
Same read permissions is needed for NBU.

Your only other option is to install NBU Client software on the source server and back it up as normal network client.

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