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AClient not installed properly when using cmdlines.txt

Created: 28 Dec 2010 • Updated: 28 Dec 2010 | 3 comments
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I want to install AClient as part of my sysprep.

I've created cmdlines.txt and placed it to c:\sysprep\i386\$oem$ folder. There's install command for AClient. Altiris-aclient-6.9.453.x86.exe is copied with name "AClient.exe" to c:\temp folder using Copy File To -task, during automation right after image has been deployed.

AClient starts up after XP minisetup and computer appears as active to Deployment Console, BUT...

I'm unable to open user interface. Double clicking AClient.exe does nothing. Altiris Client Service is up and running.

When I went to c:\Program Files\Altiris\Dagent folder (dont know why log file goes to this folder) first entries are like this:

[12/28/10 12:29:00.342] Error: Unable to install AClient interactive user service

[12/28/10 12:29:00.747] Error: Unable to launch AClient interactive user service

[12/28/10 12:29:00.999] Waiting for Server service to start

Looks to me that all parts of AClient are not able to install if installation is fired up from cmdlines.txt. I still think I'm doing something wrong here, because so many admins here use this method to install AClient to fresh built systems.

Please help.

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Ok figured out that you must enter command ACLIENT.EXE -admin to see user interface, if you checked option "Hide client tray icon" from client settings.

Those error messages in aclient.log are still a mystery. They appear even when installing aclient manually without any parameters.

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Try it with the following command line:
"C:\Altiris\aclient.exe C:\Altiris\aclient.inp -silent -install -scriptedinstall"

To create a INP file follow the KB article:

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Hi Martijn,

Thanks for reply.

I used same command to install AClient (with quotes) on my cmdlines.txt, except my .exe file is on c:\temp, not c:\Altiris.

Client works like it should, but it pops these two erros to the aclient.log everytime I try to install it.