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Acquired business assets, no backup encryiption key

Created: 13 Nov 2012 | 4 comments

We recently acquired some assets for another business however the data is corrupt and we were not given the encryption key to Backup Exec 11.  We need this data to be restored.  Is there any service Symantec provides to be able to restore these tapes?  I understand there is no product on the market that can do it without the key but am wondering is we can ship the tapes to Symantec for a fee?  Is this at all possible?

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No, that's the idea of encryption, without key you cannot get to the data.

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I was just hoping that Symantec had some kind of back door as long as you can prove ownership or something.

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           Unfortunately ZeRoCOOL has hit it right on the head. There is nothing that can be done without getting ahold of the pass phrase/key. Perhaps you can attempt to contact the business that you acquired the assets from and request the encryption Key. Out side of that im not sure that you have any other avenue available to you in regard to those backup sets. 

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Do you have the server that created the tapes?  If you do, then the pass-phrase is probably still on the server and you can restore from that server without being prompted for the pass-phrase