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Created: 05 Jan 2014 • Updated: 09 Jan 2014 | 6 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi Team,

Please help me on this.

I am getting the below error on ACS library continiously.

2378 N Co_ProcessResponses.C 1  1335
ACS: 0; LMU error: Co_4400:st_parse_error:
Error: 0422 - General procedure error:  Cell is full
Request: Dismount, normal unload
Volser: A21327, media domain: T, media type: 1
Source: Drive 0,1,1,10

Destination: Cell 0,1,15,19,1

How to resolve this issue.


Gopinath S

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It seems tapes somehow have been bulk inserted into the robot. You need to run:

  • a ACSLS audit using the cmd_proc command line (e.g audit 0,1,0 acs 0)
  • ACSLS dismount afterward - maybe using the force attribute. (e.g dismount A21327 0,1,1,10 force)
  • Run a Netbackup inventory

That hopeful resolves the issue.

Assumption is the mother of all mess ups.

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Nicolai's post will resolve your issue.

I am curious about your reason for posting ACSLS issue in NetBackup forum?

I can see that this issue will affect NBU, but we cannot solve the issue with NBU.

Unfortunately support for ACSLS has deteriorated when SUN took over StorageTek and even further when Oracle took over, but that is the right place for ACSLS support....

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! am curious about your reason for posting [please enter subject matter as appropriate] issue in NetBackup forum?

Because we'll help solve it if we can? We've been good like that over the past nn years!

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I kinda agree, but Marianne has a good point ...  Really the issue should go to the correct forum, else we end up fixing things that aren't NBU.

Continuing to do this sets a expectation with forum members that whatever the issue, just give it to the NBU guys and they will fix it ...

If you had toothache, would you goto the doctor or the dentist ?

Regards,  Martin
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Not saying we should, just that we have & do!

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Hi Team,

Thanks for you help!!

Issue been resolved.


Gopinath S