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Active Computers DS 7.1

Created: 04 Mar 2012 | 2 comments

In DS 6.9, we used to have the option to open console and in few seconds you can see how many computers are not active, not connecting to the DS server.

If the computer is active the computer is shown as lit up and if its down, the computer greys out.

When you support computer labs this was one of the best feature that we had until we upgrade to 7.1. The active computer feature was working real time.

Is there any way we can monitor the computers same way in 7.1?

I know we can generate reports but that's a completely different thing.

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Mistral's picture

As DS 7.1 is using the task system you have two locations showing it quiet similar to DS 6.9:

1. Settings -> All Settings - Settings -> Notification Server -> Console Settings -> Portal Pages -> Jobs and Tasks Portal (yeah - it's alive - even when gone from Manage -> Jobs and Tasks)

2. Settings -> Notification Server -> Site Server Settings - Site Management -> Site Servers - you have to select a Task Server -> Services -> Task Service

Geek786's picture

What I used to have is different groups of clusters and I can go in them and see which computer is not active.

Is there any way we can do the same thing here?