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Active Directory accounts Merging w/different domains

Created: 30 Nov 2012 | 3 comments

On our system we have three domains and I have all three domains that are being indexed and all the indexes are working just fine. The problem is the employee and manager attributes are being confused with another employee. This is not good since I have emails that are automatically sent out to the managers if an employee violates policy.


we have two users with the same login name jsmith but on different domains. domain1\jsmith and domain2\jsmith. For some reason if user domain1\jsmith violates a policy the manager of user domain2\jsmith receives the notification which is wrong.

Has anyone else experienced this?

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Hi Mike, I understand you problem but for your information the incident is created based on some basic attributes like user's email ID. I hope both user might have diffrent email ID and there manager might be diffrent so provide the DLP the email ID attributes so that the manager which is asociated with that email ID (User's) will generate incident Or

Best way you make some diffrentiation in user ID for them.

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Hello kiskorilal, is it really possible to use email addresses instead of domain login names?

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Ok so I am still wondering if it is possible to have the attribute lookup go off of a users email address instead of their domain name.

We currently run three different domains in my company and in some cases the same user name can show up in two domains but they are different people.

example: jsmith

domain1 is John Smith

domain2 is Joanne Smith

both have jsmith as the user name but for some reason DLP is merging both even though I see domain1\jsmith and domain2\jsmith in the Incident Details. In the attributes section is a different story as that is where the merge takes place. This creates a mess on the reporting side as I have notifications being emailed to the employees managers and it is going to the wrong managers.