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Active directory "disaster restore" of System State

Created: 17 Jan 2014 | 8 comments


this is not a disaster but acually a littel test. we recently migrated from Exchange 2007 to 2013.
Now a User is missing a Folder of the mailbox. As the User is allready migrated to the new Exchange i have no clue in wich
database on the old Serve the accoutn was.

So i tried to restore a old Version of the Active Director to have a look at the user attributes but this isn't working.

the original DC is a 2008R2 running on hypverv. I backed up the System State of the maschine.

Now i installed a new 2008r2 server on a hypver Server.

I installed the backup Exec Agent and after that i tried to restore the System state.
i tried this in normal boot mode and in directory recover mode but no luck.

The AD Components wont be available after a reboot.
Am i missing a step for recovery?

Can anybody hel?



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now i see that only the Files of the Backup get restored directly to the Filesystem?

But how can i overite the "existing System Sate" ??

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You got to boot the server in DSRM before you can overwrite AD

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allready tried that.

is there anything special to select? when selecting the restore target?


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If you want to retain the AD state that you just restored, you got to do an authoritative AD restore. Do read up on what an authoritative restore implies before attempting it

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Hello authoritative or not is irrelevant.

The System state gets restored to a issolated new Server. (no connected to the original AD)


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Hello Stefan,

As you're trying to overwrite system state of  the new server,

Step 1: Perform redirect restore of System state to a temp location or directory on the new server. 

Step 2: Then, initiate Domain Controller installation on the new server and choose Additional domain controller for an existing domain and choose From these restored backup files, and then enter the temporary location to which you restored System State in Step 1. 

Step 3: Complete the installation and reboot the new server (DC).

Step 4: Delete any remaining temporary redirected System State files.


Hope this resolves your issue.


Hope this helps!! Kindly, mark this as solution if it resolves your issue.

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thanks for you reply, but it seems this option is not available von Server 2008 R2.

Any other ideas?