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Active Directory GRT + Filesystem Backup = Conflict?

Created: 10 Jul 2013 • Updated: 14 Jul 2013 | 6 comments
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Hi all,

I have an AD GRT policy setup, and also a seperate filesystem policy setup for the same server.

Should I be excluding System State from the filesystem policy?

Sometimes the backup jobs overlap and both of them hang. I can't schedule them seperately though because the amount of data is too large...

If I have all local drives specified in the GRT policy what will be the outcome?

Any suggestions?


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Its recommended to keep the System State/Shadow copy components in the same policy as the filesystem  backups so that there is not too much time difference between the system drive(mostly is C drive) and System state(AD is a component of the same) backup.

Enabling the GRT on this policy which includes the Filesystem has no adverse effect on the system.


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This would also prevent the system hang situations you are currently facing :)

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One more thing to highlight here is that Granular recovery is possible only for policies backing up to disk, so if the filesystems along with shadow copy components are backing up to disk make sure that the backup target device has sufficient space.

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How can I verify my Active Directory GRT backups are working?
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Just use the one policy - ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES covers it nicely and enable the GRT option - it will automatically do GRT for any AD controllers in the policy once that is done (as long as all other pre-requisites have been performed)

It would definately cause a clash otherwise due to the VSS writers running two jobs at the same time

Hope this helps

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