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active job report

Created: 01 Dec 2012 | 5 comments

In the opscenter analytica i can see active jobs in monitor section but can I can't see option to send mail at a given time. My client want active report at 8 AM everday via mail.Please help.

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In Opscenter the mail alert is done using alert policy configuration.

Please have a look in the below forum.

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kinda good.... for suggestion... though wht's logic behind to achieve what???

Could you clarify for what actually he wants ACTIVE report for 8 am

OpsCenter does have role based access control. You can leverage that.. As far i know active reporting would be quite difficult (as per status and reporting fields are concerned) Report cannot show "Running " as field as it is not meant to be. Either it has to be before any jobs kicks in or after completion output must be (successful/failed)  Any report doesn't look good "Running" as status as we can't forecast what could be final status and ultimately score goes on overall success ratio!!!

Go for role based acces control and give them analyst or reporter , Re-iterate them on usage and walkthrough console. 

Hope this helps

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Thanks mansoor but doesn't shwo active job

Jack i need because my L3(client) want the actie reprt and everyday i sent taking screen shot of active monitor. Please help if i can automate

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as far i've played with OpsCenter , there are no such automation available by any means as of now. Truely speaking having ACTIVE RUNNING JOBS in scheduled report i feel does not sound good reason to review success ratio of track backups/restores

Best i would recommend is to provide them role based access to review at their leisure or make custom dashboard (requires reports to be saved)

Time to raise an idea and wait to see if Symantec team can come up with solution (if it is true requirement and sounds justifyiable)

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In ops center for monitor tab it shows active jobs the way i want but we can't get that in mail. Also using sql query we can get active jobs but how to schedule tha sql query and to send the output as mail is what I want.

Any ideas abt it pls