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Created: 16 Jan 2013 • Updated: 17 Jan 2013 | 5 comments
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Hi. I am new to netbackup and need some help interpreting the screen in Actvity Monitor. Most ofl my backup jobs show as been run twice. Some show as run once. The one's that have run twice have a dash in the Schedule column for one of their entries. Could anybody shed some light on this. Thanks

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Some jobs such as Catalog backup spawn Child tasks; - signifies the Parent task

Will Restore -- where there is a Will there is a way

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Schedule column having Dash is the Parent job for that schedule jobs.

you can see the parent job ID for each job in the one of the colums in activity moniter(mostly end colomuns)

you can observe these when you have Multistream backup enabled in your Policy attributes.

see the below document for more details

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@wr and @nagalla. Thanks for the helpfull info.

I activated the mail slots and and the tapes ejected accordingly after running the vault policy and profile. But when I look in the Reports>Problems I am getting a bunch of these error messages:

<16>vlteject@VaultJobMonitor::_check_job_id: Leaving with DMN=1 SC=20

<16>vlteject@VaultJobMonitor::_check_job_id Job Id NOT set, Forgot to call Init/Connect?

<16>vlteject@VaultJobMonitor::_check_job_id FAILED NB_EC=20 NB_MSG=invalid command parameter

Also in the TYPE column it is showing Retrieve. Thanks

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hi Snawaz3,

Please create a new thread for this issue, with some detail explination of issue and background

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ok. creating a new thread in NetBackUp Management - Reports