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activity monitor and policy

Created: 18 Nov 2012 • Updated: 01 Mar 2013 | 7 comments
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I have an error 50 on my console.

Now client activity has been completed and i have been asked to run the backup.

Please let us know should i run it from activity monitoring or from policy and manual backup?

What is the difference between the two?

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hi ,

i would suggest to go with the Policy Manual backup.

there is no differnce starting from Activity moniter and policy manual backup , unless there is a chage in policy attributes after first trigger from backup.

when you restart from the activity moniter, it will take same attributes  at the time of first job, after first job if you chage any thing on the policy , they will not reflect.

to aviode this recommended to trigger from policy.

if you are sure there is no chage you can go either way.. your comfort and your wish.

restart job from activity moniter , bpdbjobs submit the requets to nbjm.

when you start from the policy-- nbpem submit the reqeust to nbjm.


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suppose  if i made a change     to a policy and run from policy. and then backup failed.

and then i run it from activity monitor.

Will it pick the change now which i did?

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yes, because you are  restarting the backup from the failed job which is triggerd after changes.

it will alwyas of takes the properties of the Source from where you are triggering the backup.

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For frequency based schedules:

Scenario: A policy has a FULL weekly backup and a daily INCR (incremental) backup.

The FULL and INCR backup schedule has an open window from 10pm to 2am.

If the FULL backup fails to start and falls outside of the open backup window, the backup will fail with a Status Code 196.

If that failed FULL job is manually restarted from the activity monitor, and completes successfully before the next scheduled window, NetBackup will run another FULL backup instead of the next schedule in the policy. In this scenario, the INCR backup is the next scheduled but did not run because the scheduler (NBPEM - NetBackup Policy Execution Manager) did not recalculate the schedule after the FULL backup successfully completed.

I have also read the above content.

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All of your scenarios can easily be tested in your own environment.

Why not try that and then tell us about your experience(s)?

You can even write a blog and publish your findings in the 'Blogs' section of this community! 

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It is a production environment.

Please can some one provide me with the details.

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Test policies can be used even in production environment.
Use your own laptop/desktop as client in the test policy.
This is how all of us learn when we don't have access to a lab.

Supporting Storage Foundation and VCS on Unix and Windows as well as NetBackup on Unix and Windows
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