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Ad-Hoc reporting

Created: 05 Jul 2012 | 1 comment
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We have a lot of managers who did their own ad-hoc reporting via searches in Altiris Help Desk and when we moved to Service Desk we had to create a report that (kinda) allowed them to do the same basic thing. 

We have been using a variation of the report posted by Joshua Brown in the thread here ->  but have encountered an issue I am not sure how to resolve.

The problem seems to stem from that fact that in SP2 a ticket created and closed in a single edit session does not create a comment.  Therefore anything in the ticket description field does not end up in the comments.  I cannot find any field in the report editor that will allow me to filter on the description.  Comments, yes .. title, yes ... description, no.

So given that our help desk has an 80% first call resolution this leaves a lot of tickets that cannot be searched based on a keyword that might be in the description.



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The description is stored in the process and in the incident.  To search on the description, use Contains Text under Process Management in the report editor.  It searches the process name, title, description, and process id.