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AD synchronizations changing e-mail address

Created: 11 Oct 2012 | 4 comments

I have some users that have AD account on our domain but their e-mail address are not ours. We have changed the e-mails to the correct e-mails in Servicedesk but after an AD sync it changed it back to our domain e-mail address. If you look at the User1 properties in AD they don't have an e-mail specified but the regular users do have the e-mail specified.  

What am I doing wrong?



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When users are imported, e-mail address from AD is used. If there is no e-mail address set, one is compiled using domain data. AD Sync overwrites the information in the ServiceDesk.

Can you define the e-mail address for the user in AD and see if that works?

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As toomas clarifies: The primary source for contact data is AD and if AD sync is on, it will use the e-mail addresses from there on each sync.

To allow our ServiceDesk workers to change AD related data, we have created a simple workflow, using the out-of-the-box workflow AD components. The workflow is published in the Service Catalog and verifies on each run that the calling user belongs to a specific group with the needed permissions in our ServiceDesk.

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I had my AD accounts admin define the e-mail address for the users and then ran a full import and so far it has not changed. So it looks like it works.

Thanks for the help.

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Be aware that you can have an issue if you're using an Exchange system (or other system if the data is stored in AD) where the user has alias addresses. We have an issue where the user's "email" address is imported but isn't actually the email address they use. The email address field in AD might not get updated correctly when there's an alias on the account which can cause all kinds of confusion. SD will see all of the addresses but the wrong one can become primary which can break some workflows later on if an email can't get sent correctly. You will need to make sure that the email addresses in AD are the correct user email addresses in order to ensure that the rigth primary address gets set in SD, otherwise it may get overwritten each time AD syncs.