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Adaptec 29160LP SCSI card reported as faulty :-(

Created: 20 Mar 2008 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 5 comments
A brand new IBM x3500 with an adaptec 29160LP SCSI card and BE 12 reported the card as faulty and would not run a job.
No windows event viewer errors.
Installed a second brand new Adaptec 29160LP and it did the same thing.
Installed a second hand LSI card and it's been working now for 2 weeks?
Anyone else having trouble with BE 11d or 12 and the Adaptec 29160 SCSI card?

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RahulM's picture
Is the hardware being detected in the bacnkup Exec devices pane proplery?.What drivers are you using for the  tape drive?
What is the destination for the backups?Is it a tape drive or a backup to disk folder?.Did you try another slot?
The IBM X3500 comes with some diagnostic tools,try using them to check the  motherborad components.
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If I remember correctly, you have to use the latest Adaptec driver, and possibly latest firmware for the card. If you use the drivers supplied with Windows Server 2003, performance is dire, and the card seems to have peculiar errors.
It's worth giving it a try with different drivers.
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I also have BE 12 running on my server with a 29160LP and I am having huge problems. I can run a Lock and a Scan on the library but nothing else. When I run an Inventory, for example, the library never responds and the job stays in the Initializing state indefinitely. Did you ever find any resolution to this?

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I sure haven't found the magic bullet for these problems yet.  I have about 20 media servers running Win2003 and Adaptec cards, both 29160 and 360s also and they just give the Exabyte VXA-320 tape drives no end of fits.  I've tried so many drivers and updated so much firmware I couldn't list them all here.

I'm thinking of switching all the media servers over from Symantec tape drive drivers to Exabyte drivers.

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I decided to try BE 11d with the library and it works beautifully. I noticed that BE 11d automatically associated the drive with the library whereas BE 12 had to be associated manually.