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Add additional license

Created: 29 Mar 2013 | 3 comments

Hi all

I have BE-2012 SP1 with the latest patches installed. I have also installed some license during the installation of BE. No i wanna add additional

licenses. During the add license process, the system asks for the installation media. The system ask about the installation media even if I  add licenses

for agents, which I have already installed.

Is there a way to add new license, without installing the same software again, because I don't want to overwrite already installed software.

regards goro

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You don't have to worry about overwriting the existing BE installation.  Your settings and job history are kept in the BEDB and will not be overwritten.

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The license wizard usually prompts for the installation DVD, when the original install was done off a network share. As pkh suggested above, adding a license will not overwrite & to continue ahead, you would require the DVD.

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Hallo PHK and VJware

sorry that it took so long for my answer. I was on holliday.
Now I've to installed the additionall licenses, and it worked.

What's really confusing (to say it mild) is, that in the same context
the systems ask about the installation image. And then it shut's down all
BE-Services. This just for a simple addition of licenses which have already been installed bevor,( no new software needed).

It's realy a nonsense to stop all BE-Services just to add a few license!!!!
Sometime it's scaring what nonsense the symantec programmer are programming
and none of the quality engineers ist stopping this.
Thanks for your answer.