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Add LDAP department

Created: 15 Sep 2012 | 9 comments

Can any one help me to configure Web Gateway policy with LDAP Departmment ?

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I've already configure authentication policy with LDAP and same has been tested successfully.

But when I tried to configure a policy for user than I’m unable to, like I tried configuring policy for my Admin department therefore I select “ LDAP Organizational Unit “ under Network type and choose “ other “ under select workgroup and write a OU Name but when I tried to save this setting than error comes up with “! LDAP organizational unit */*/*/Admin was not found.”

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This means SWG was unable to find the OU you specificed in your Policy, you may want to check your AD source to see if there are any errors or information on that side. Does it work if you try to use the department value?

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I checked AD and there is no error found.

And when I try to configure a policy with LDAP WORKGROUP than I'm able to add all the groups.

I'm also not able to configure policy with LDAP Department.

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In Authentication settings

Is the Search base correct? Typically this is DC=domain,dc=com

What is set for Group Users by?

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Hi BenDC my problem is the is impossible delete old OU on Symantec Web Gateway Virtual Ed. Version

On Configuration -> Create or Modify policy -> Network Type: LDAP Organizational Unit -> Select Group.

In Select Group we find OLD OU that I have deleted from A.D. time ago!

How we can delete these old OU from this COMBO BOX?



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Are you sure you're choosing the correct LDAP object type?

From your earlier posts, you say that the SWG is authenticating correctly for LDAP Workgroups but not for OUs.  Is that correct?  As that would indicate that authentication is working, but the chosen target for the policy does not exist.

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I posted here but I'not aamir 010, my problem is differerent.

All work fine but old OU not present in A.D because deleted, remain SWG and are not automatically deleted.


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They will remian in the SWG as that information is Cached. Just don't use OUs on the SWG since you removed them from the AD.