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Add new Journal server to existing site move journal task and new journal storeage to the new server

Created: 03 Oct 2012 • Updated: 19 Oct 2012 | 5 comments
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Journal Archive

We currently run 2 identical EV servers on a single site for journal and exchange archiving on version 9.02.  The journal server also hosts SQL and indexes for both journal and arhive systems.  Both servers are 5 years old and have direct attached storeage boxes, we have the capacity to maintain both for several years but don’t wish to add any additional storeage

 The journal server storage is now reaching capacity.

We wish to introduce a new EV server on a virtual 64 bit platform and move the journal task and new storage to this.  Reading various articles  i am listing below what i consider to be the steps and would appreciate confirmation it will work or feedback on any improvements that could be made

  1. Build new hardware in accordance with the requirements stated in the installation and configuration guide for EV v9.02
  2. Install software accordance with the requirements stated in the installation and configuration guide for EV v9.02
  3. Create DNS entry
  4. When EV is installed on the new server run the configuration wizard and join the existing EV site
  5. In the admin programme\vault storage groups, run the new partition wizard on the journal  to close the vault partition on the current journal server and create new partition on new server
  6. Stop journal task on current server but don’t delete until quesues have cleared
  7. Create journal task on new server copy settings from existing task on current journal server
  8. When journaling is working and tested on new server and queues have emptied on current server delete old journal task

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Not quite. What you will end up with, is the journal task on one server and the storage on another server. You want to keep the two together.

You have a couple of options. The first is that you join the new server to the new site, create a vault store database for the new server, create a journal archive in this new vault store database, create a task on the new server and start archiving the journal mailbox with this task. Leave the old server essentially doing nothing but maintaining the old vault store database (not really an efficient use of resources)

The second is that you migrate the vault store database and associated vault store partitions/indexes etc to the new virtual server using something like the following guide or the migration wizard



Jeff Shotton

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pff1957's picture

Hi Jeff

Thanks for your reply. if we create the journal new task and vault partition on the new server surely  no data will be added to the current servers storeage as we will be closing the partition, which is what we want to achieve?

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You will need to create a new Journal archive in a new Vault Store that is associated with the new EV Server.  If you create a new Vault Store Partition in the current Vault Store the Storage Service on the current EV Server will continue to process all the items being journaled.  That is what Jeff was referring to.

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Honestly if you can't expand the storage, you will have to start expiring items out of the journal to keep the size down. really like jeff and tony said, easiest thing to do is just create a new vault store and partition on the new EV Server, and then create a journal archive on that vault store and have the journal target to go to the new archive, and leave the old one alone.

Other than that, if your regular Exchange mailbox archives and your journal archives use the same vault store, you would have to split them out via something like Move Archive or a third party migration utility, unfortunately that would take some time, and may not even be possible if you use Discovery Accelerator and such.

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Sorry should have followed up on this...thanks Tony/Alex

Jeff Shotton

Principal Consultant

Adept-tec Ltd

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