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To add the PCI value of a device to the pci.manifest.txt file.

Created: 25 Feb 2013 • Updated: 03 Mar 2013 | 7 comments
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To Virtual Partition
Drivers could not be found in the PreOS for the following devices:

Manufacturer: "@oem5.inf,%intel%;Intel", Description: "@oem5.inf,%---

I've searched the web and have found what I believe to be a solution

I understand how to find and edit the manifest.txt. My prpblem is the the error file (where I need to get information from) scrolls off the right side of the screen. I can read the pci vendor number but I can't read the values of the pci device and pci sub? I've tried everything, copy and paste doesn't work either. Where can I pull this information from, I can't find the error file on the hard drive?

Using Ghost Suite 2.5 on Server 2008 R2 and trying to image HP laptop.

Someone pleas send information.


John V.

Operating Systems:

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If you have a valid operating system installed on one of these machines, just use device manager to look up the PNP IDs of the Intel components.

Easier approach is to use the utility described here:

to grab a full listing of all PNP ID's on the computer, plus associated driver infs, etc.

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Since you have your vendor name known already, we are on a postive note to start the troubleshooting. In regards to Intel drivers, drivers are backward compatible as long as they belong to the same family.

This error simply says that there is some issues with the driver present in your Pre-OS template. It can be a wrong OS version, different family version , etc.

I would advice you to create a copy of your default WinPE template in Ghost Boot Wizard and try adding the drivers from the following download page:

Please be aware that there are seperate tabs for adding network and storage drivers.

If you are using a Ghost Console Tassk, Select this new template as the Pre_OS template before executing the task.

If you are using a Boot disk, Proceed with creating a boot disk using this template.

Lets see how this goes.


Dilip Sebastian

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Thank you for this. I'm currently working with Symantec Support. We've done what you suggested but are still running into problems. Polling for server goes on and on and there is no activity light on the nic and no connection on Ghost Server.

I also can't connect to Ghost Server when I boot the Laptop from Ghost Server Boot USB. Laptop is HP G7 1070-us with Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium 4 GB Ram

I reinstalled, repaired, the install and am now repeating the steps.

What is hot imaging?

John V.

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The following article will give you guidance on how to determine whether the Vista 32 bit drivers you have procured for your WinPE boot are correct:

Hot imaging is when you create an image of a computer that is booted to its normal operating system and is running the Ghost client.  Although this can work, since operating system files are continually changing, there is a risk of imaging slightly out of date files, and I have personally found that imaging from a WinPE boot is more reliable.  

Clearly hot imaging is out of the question where you may be imaging a machine after running sysprep, as booting the machine would of course then run mini setup.

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If I am right, HP G7 1070-us comes with a realtek ethernet card. If you had included the driver correclty  from the download page mentioned earlier, it should work without any issues.

We first need to find where exactly the issue is ? -at ghost server or at client end.if you can grab a different laptop (same model), see whether you are able to connect to the server using Boot USB. You only need to check whether you are able to connect, and then you cancel the action. If this doesnt work, try a different laptop of same vendor but similar/different model. If you find no luck with other laptops too, then issue must be with your Ghost Solution Suite or Maybe the firewall at your Server macchine ( 2008 R2) is blocking the communication. It is always good to add exception to ghost service in your Ghost Server's firewall options.

Also, you can try disabling the wireless nic (from BIOS if you have an option for that). 


Dilip Sebastian

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Hot Imaging, As Ed said, is performing your imaging task while the machine is booted into the OS. It is safe  to do it if your OS is XP. But if its Windows 7, I wouldnt go for hot imaging as its not completely reliable.

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Since I last commented I've tried to locate Vista drivers for the HP Laptop that would run Ghost from the Console with no luck,

I was resigned to hot images only.

I had to make a trip from Boston to Washington DC for family matters on Saturday. Returning today, I had to take a taxi from my hotel in Washington to the airport to fly home. It was interesting that my driver once worked for Symantec as a netork engineer for 6 years but then he was laid off. He moved his family here from India for more opportunities. As we struck up a conversation; I explained how support and I were trying to fix the Realtek problem. I went through the list of everything we did.

He questioned why all the bother, just use XP drivers, they work all the time!

Back here now, I downloaded the XP drivers and installed them to WinPEtest. Unbelievable---it works like a charm!!! Can you believe this? Below are the files I installed into the packet, checking them in as Vista.

I hope this helps someone in the future!

John V.