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Add User to Organizational Unit - Object formatting issues

Created: 04 Oct 2012 • Updated: 05 Oct 2012 | 3 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

I need to move a user from OU=Contractors,OU=Users,DC=MyDomain,DC=local to OU=ToBeDeleted,OU=Disabled Accounts,DC=MyDomain,DC=local

Leaving Context set to Entire Domain, I can't seem to ever be able to reference the destination OU.  In the Context tab, if I specify OU=Disabled Accounts, then in the Input Tab specify the Organization Unit Name to ToBeDeleted it seems to like that but can't find the user; I assume because it's outside of the context at that point.

Given the example above, I can't figure out what my context needs to be and what format the user and OU name need to be in order to move the user from its current OU to the new one.  For the OU I've tried the LDAP name (less the DC's), Disabled Accounts/ToBeDeleted, and Disabled Accounts\ToBeDeleted.  For the user name I've also tried the LDAP name (less the DC's), Users/Contractors/Firstname Lastname, Users\Contractors\Firstname Lastname, as well as the user's sAMAccountName with no luck.


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I would use the Move Object to Container AD component. It allows you to specifiy the context of the Entire domain and list the full path to your destination OU. 

So in the example above your Context would be Entire domain and your input would be..

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Still not having much luck with this.

As a test I've been manually specifying the samAccountName in a test workflow before dropping it into the main one I'm building.  I've tried the actual samAccountName jdoe, the distinguished name for the user less the DC=domain,DC=local pieces, the way the user is displayed in the Object tab of ADUC less the domain.local (Users/Contractors/John Doe)

"Cannot find user by specified pattern" if I try using DN or Users/Contractors/John Doe

"There is no such object on the server" if I try using jdoe or jdoe@domain.local


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Scratch that; I had my OU formatted wrong.  I swapped it so it read Disabled Accounts/ToBeDeleted and POOF it works.

Thanks for the help!!


If a forum post solves your problem, please flag it as a solution. If you like an article, blog post or download vote it up.